Top 7 Tapas Recipes

Planning to throw a party? Try some of the fantastic tapas recipes we have put together to bring a taste of Spain to your event.


Planning to throw a party? Try some of the fantastic tapas recipes we have put together to bring a taste of Spain to your event.


1. Salmorejo

    salmorejo tapas dish

    Salmorejo is a delicious cold soup with a tomato base. Cordoba's thicker, more flavoursome version of gazpacho, is served as a soup in a bowl and is usually garnished with diced Spanish ham and hard-boiled eggs. This classic Spanish recipe can take around 15 minutes to prepare and serves up to 6 people.

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    2. Buñuelos De Bacalao

    Buñuelos De Bacalao | Cod Fritters Tapas Dish

    Also known as salt cod fritters, this fish recipe is perfect for seafood lovers. We recommend desalting the fish by soaking it in water overnight (24 hours) in a refrigerator for the best results. Cooking and preparation time can take up to 40 minutes and serves around 4-6 people as a tapa.

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    3. Escalivada

    Escalivada Recipe | Catalan Roasted Vegetables

    Escalivada is a smoky salad, which includes a combination of roasted vegetables topped with black olives and optional salted anchovies. The Catalan dish takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to cook and prepare, but it’s worth the wait as this meal bursts into a variety of exceptional Spanish flavours.

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    4. Artichokes, Piquillos & Olive Sandwich

    Artichokes, Piquillos & Olive Sandwich

    If you are looking for a quick and simple tapas recipe, these sandwiches only take 10 minutes to cook and can serve up to 4 people. Filled with some of the finest Spanish ingredients, these sandwiches are the perfect finger food for a tapas party.

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    5. Patatas Bravas

    patatas bravas tapas recipe

    Patatas Bravas (fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce) is one of the most popular tapas foods in Spain. This classic recipe is an absolute essential for your tapas party and serves up to 4 people.

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    6. Morcilla Ibérica Bites

    Morcilla Ibérica Bites Easy Tapas Recipe

    This recipe is a Brindisa classic, made with the rich Ibérico Bellota Morcilla. The Ibérica bites are quick and easy to prepare, taking about 10 minutes. Adding the piquillo pepper strips and oregano creates a perfect combination to the flavours.

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    7. Yellowfin Tuna Pinwheel

    Yellowfin Tuna Pinwheels - Seafood Tapas Recipe

    This fantastic recipe creates a fun snack for your tapas party. The pinwheels are filled with Ortiz yellowfin tuna, pumpkin seeds, garlic & tomato sauce, which adds exciting flavours to this classic Spanish tapas dish.

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