• Affineur's Cheese Box*
  • Mahon being rubbed with oil Brindisa cheese caves
  • Affineur's Cheese Box*

Affineur's Cheese Box*


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This limited edition box contains a wonderful and unique selection of cheeses that we have cared for specially in our Balham Cheese Caves; making sure they are in peak condition.

Affinage is act of maturing and refining cheese. Our 1605 Manchego has been matured by our cheesemongers to give it greater depth of flavour. This gives it a beautiful nutty flavour (hazelnuts), subtle hints of toffee, all balanced really well with the characteristic sharpness of the sheep's milk. It has a surprisingly long after taste.

You can also enjoy the spicy blue Cabrales, iconic Menorcan Mahon rubbed with pimenton and olive oil, the traditional Catalonian goat’s cheese Garrotxa, or gooey and pungent La Retorta.

Together they make an exceptional cheese board you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

There are just 80 boxes available – when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Full contents list:

  • La Retorta raw ewes milk, 160g
  • Torralba Mahon, cured in the cheese room 155g wedge
  • Cabrales, 150g wedge **
  • 1605 16 months cured in the cheese room, 250g wedge
  • Garrotxa, 250g

Cheese board not included.

The Brindisa Cheese Caves were designed with the help of José Luis Martín, Spain’s most respected cheese guru – famed for building traditional cheese caves all over Spain. They are lined with authentic terracotta bricks, imported especially from Spain, to help control humidity. These caves allow us to ensure all our cheeses are kept in optimum conditions, so when they reach you at home the flavours are at their best. They also allow us to bring in rare and ‘high maintenance’ cheeses you may not find anywhere else, as they need special care.  


*Please note, in the event that any of the above is not available on the day of dispatch, Brindisa will substitute any out of stock items with another similar product.

Storage: Keep all cheeses refrigerated below 5°C.

 ** 10 days life from dispatch 


La Retorta raw ewes milk, 160g: MILK

Torralba Mahon, cured in the cheese room 155g wedge: RAW MILK

Cabrales, 150g wedge: RAW MILK

1605 16 months cured in the cheese room, 250g wedge: RAW MILK, EGG

Garrotxa, 250g: MILK, EGG

INGREDIENTS Torralba Mahon: Raw cow's MILK, lactic cultures, rennet, salt. On the rind: olive oil and paprika. La Retorta: Raw sheep's MILK, rennet, salt. 1605 16 moths cured manchego: Raw sheep's MILK, rennet, lactic cultures, salt, lysozyme (EGG). Garrotxa: Pasteurised goat's milk, animal rennet, lactic cultures, salt, lysozyme (EGG). Cabrales: Raw cow's MILK, animal rennet, salt . STORAGE & CARE Keep all cheeses refrigerated below 5°C. Each of these cheeses lasts 10 days from the date the order is despatched.
Nutrition - Per 100g
   of which saturates
   of which sugars
* Typical values per 100g


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