• Brindisa cheese & fig box
  • Brindisa cheese & fig box
  • Brindisa cheese & fig box

Brindisa cheese & fig box

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For decades Brindisa has been sourcing some of the best artisan cheeses available in Spain and our head of cheese has hand-picked some of his favourites for this box. 


The box contains the classic 1605 Manchego, a raw milk cheese which has been cured for a minimum of 11 months and is a rich-tasting milk with a sweet and malted cereal finish; La Peral, a mild, creamy blue; Payoyo, a hand-made goat's cheese with a well-rounded, creamy and nutty flavour; all of which perfectly pair with sweet dried baby figs.


A great selection for after dinner or outdoor dining. 

Full contents list:

  • 1605 Manchego DOP, cured, approx 200g
  • Payoyo semi cured, approx 250g 
  • La Peral, approx 250g
  • Baby Figs, approx 150g

Cheese board not included.

Please note, in the event that any of the above is not available on the day of dispatch, Brindisa will substitute any out of stock items with another similar product.

Storage: Keep all cheeses refrigerated below 5°C, and dried figs should be kept in a cool dry place. Freshly cut La Peral has a shelf life of approximately 10 days from delivery, for Payoyo 30 days and Manchego has a shelf life of approximately 12 months.



1605 Manchego: MILK EGG
Payoyo semi cured: MILK EGG
La Peral: MILK

INGREDIENTS Payoyo: MILK, salt, animal rennet, lactic cultures, lysozyme (EGG); 1605 Manchego: MILK, rennet, salt, lysozime (EGG); La Peral: MILK, salt, rennet, lactic cultures, stabiliser: E509, calcium chloride, Penicillium; Dried Pajarero baby figs STORAGE & CARE Keep all cheeses refrigerated below 8°C.
Nutrition - Per 100g
   of which saturates
   of which sugars
* Typical values per 100g