• Cheese Box (Vegetarian)

Cheese Box (Vegetarian)

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We've selected some of the finest cheeses for our Cheese Box, which also all happen to be vegetarian. Canarejal and Torta de Barros are made in South West Spain, where there is a tradition of making ewes’ milk cheeses called ‘torta’, using a thistle rennet, resulting in cheeses that have a soft, sometimes liquid interior. ⁠Joined by a classic manchego and paired with Cornicabra olives, this makes a great cheese plate. 

Full contents list:

  • 1 x Villarejo Manchego semi-cured, apx.200g 
  • 1 x Torta de Barros, Sheep's Cheese, apx.200g 
  • 1 x Cañarejal Cremoso, apx. 250g 
  • 1 x Perello Cornicabra Unpitted Olives, apx. 100g 

Cañarejal Cremoso is a raw ewes' milk torta style cheese with a soft, silky centre. The white penicillium candidum rind has a fresh, clean mushroom aroma. The flavour is lightly savoury, milky and buttery. Bring to room temperature, cut the top off and dip in breadsticks or crudités. Made with thistle rennet

Torta de Barros is a raw ewe’s milk torta cheese with a soft, rich, dense texture. The mustard coloured rind has abundant yeasty, tropical aromas and the flavour is deliciously balanced between notes of pasture and lanolin, with a gentle bitter, fruity finish. Made with thistle rennet.

Villarejo Semi cured Artisan Manchego raw ewes' milk cheese combines lactic and lightly sheepy aromas with a firm texture that dissolves in the mouth to reveal a classic Manchego flavour with hints of raw almond, dry pastures and the mellow sweetness, typical of ewes’ milk. Made with vegetarian rennet.

Cornicabra whole purple olives are delicately varied in colour as they are not dyed. These olives pair deliciously with our cheese selection, serve them on a  small plate with the cheeses or as part of  a grazing board along with nuts, dried fruit and biscuits.


Allergens in bold:

  • Villarejo Manchego semi-cured, (Contains raw MILK and EGG)
  • Torta de Barros, Sheep's Cheese,  (Contains raw MILK ) (shelf life: 10 days from packing)
  • Cañarejal Cremoso,  (Contains raw MILK)
  • Perello Cornicabra Unpitted Olives, (Due to manufacturing methods may contain traces of NUTS, FISH and SULPHITES)