¡BRINDIS! Magazine

¡BRINDIS! Magazine

We are excited to share the Brindisa magazine, ¡Brindis!

This seasonal magazine is a way to bring you news about the great foods coming out of Spain and arriving at our doors (we love them as much as we think you do!)
Each quarterly issue takes a new focus on one of our food categories, covering a selection of ingredients, producers and complementary products.
Our aim is to bring you in-depth stories and news about our range in a format that you can enjoy and digest at your own pace.

Issue 1: Meat Focus (Oct-Dec)
Issue 2: Plant-based focus (Jan-Mar)
Issue 3: Cheese focus (Apr-Jun)
Issue 4: Fish focus (Jul-Sept)
Issue 5: Mallorca focus (Feb-Aug)

Please do email sales@brindisa.com to let us know what you think.
Brindisa Magazine n 5

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