Serrano ham

Our Serrano hams are either named for their locality, such as Teruel PDO, or according to their producer, e.g. Monroyo. Shop our delicious whole Serrano ham legs or sliced varieties direct for delivery to your door.

Jamón Serrano

Unlike Ibérico ham, production of Serrano is not limited to a certain geographic area. Serrano is made from white pigs and does not have such strict regulations of the pig’s diet. There are three types of Serrano ham, each classified by how long it has been cured.

De Bodega – cured between 1o and 12 months

Reserva – cured between 12 and 15 months

Gran Reserva– cured for longer than 15 month

Whilst Serrano lacks the prestige of Ibérico, it doesn’t disappoint in flavour. Jamón Serrano should be sweet, rich and salty; it should be fresh and intense on the palate. When compared to Ibérico Ham, Serrano is much more robust and chews for much longer- this is what creates the intensity of flavour.