Spanish Charcuterie

Spain’s charcuterie is second to none. If you were to visit any food market in Spain you would be greeted with a huge selection of cured meats and sausages in a range of styles, flavours and sizes. From classic chorizo and iberico to salchichon and lomo, there is a huge range to choose from online at Brindisa.

From ham legs to sausages, each region in Spain has a very distinctive style spicing and curing their meat. Whilst many favour hot and smoky pimenton, others rely on garlic and rosemary. The majority of Spanish charcuterie meats are made from pork however, beef does feature on some tables in northern Spain.

Types of Spanish Cured Meats

The indisputable king of Spanish meats is Jamon. From Serrano to the prestigious Iberico, slice it finely and serve with warm bread.

Chorizo is a great way to add spice and flavour to your favourite dishes. Shop our range of fresh cooking chorizo and cured varieties for an authentic taste of spain.

Similar to chorizo, salchichón is made from cured, ground pork. Typically pink and spotted with black pepper, it can also feature garlic and salt.

Lomo, a whole cured pork tenderloin, is one of the purest Spanish cured meats. Sprinkled with salt and paprika, lomo is served paper thin and melts in the mouth.

Most commonly produced in Leon, cecina is made from beef cured for upwards of 7 months. Deep and rich, served with a drizzle of olive oil.

Featuring a characteristic of thin white mold around the casing, fuet is a lightly cured sausage from strong flavours of pork, black pepper and garlic.

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