• The Wonder of Jamón Ibérico

    Paul Richardson investigates the world of ibérico ham. From what to look for when you buy, to the environment and traditions that make this delicacy what it is. View Post
  • Cooking with Spanish Rice

    Rice is an ingredient the British don't set much store by. It barely figures in our national cuisine. Rice cookery is something we're happy to acknowledge that other cultures do better. In fact, we probably eat more rice in our Chinese or Indian takeaways than as part of anything prepared in our home kitchens.

    Our man on the ground in Spain, Paul Richardson, delves into the relationship Spaniards have with rice, with its different regions and opinions!

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  • Store Cupboard Essentials

    There are times when someone drops around unexpectedly or when you’re feeling too lazy to have to spend time in the kitchen, this is when the contents of your store cupboard can come to the rescue. Stock up on some of these essentials from Brindisa, and you’ll never need to get stressed again about what you’re going to eat. Just open a jar or a couple of tins and make yourself a meal to satisfy the most discerning palate (whether that’s yours or your visitor’s!). Suggested products and recipes from our Head of Product Training. 

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  • The Great Taste Award Winners 2022

    The Brindisa award winners for 2022

    Every year Brindisa enters a number of products into one of the most prestigious British food awards, the Great Taste awards.


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  • Supplier Spotlight: Cañarejal

    This month, our man on the ground in Spain, Paul Richardson, heads to Castile to meet the extended Santos family. In a town that has 580 habitants but more than 10,000 sheep, it is the perfect place to make a range of cheese, including the 'creamy one', the cremoso. 

    The Cañrejal Cremoso won a Super Gold award in 2021/2022 at the World Cheese Awards and features on cheeseboards in renowned Spanish restaurants such as Iñigo Errechu in Madrid and Lera in Zamora.

    This is a cheese that you need to know about. 

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  • Celebrate 'World Tapas Day' with Brindisa

    Thursday 16th June 2022 is World Tapas Day in the UK and it is a day that we celebrate with much gusto and excitement at Brindisa. In this months blog we share our favourite tapas dishes and delve into why we love tapas and how it came to be the popular style of eating that we know today. View Post
  • A Fresh Spin on the Traditional

    We are truly delighted to announce a collaboration with one of Britain’s most treasured chefs, Alastair Little. He will be reimagining some of his classic recipes - dishes that you know and love, but might typically associate with Italy, France, Greece, even Morocco - using Spanish ingredients. And all peppered with his irascible wit.  We are so excited, this is going to be fun!

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  • Spanish Cooking with Vegetables

    Ever noticed that despite Spain’s huge range of climates and soils that make this country a vegetable superpower, when dining in Spanish restaurants, it seems as though local eating habits revolve around meat, fish and dairy.

    Our man on the ground in Spain, Paul Richardson, delves into the rich and wonderful history to provide us with a more truthful stance on vegetables across Spain. A fascinating read and exploration of the historical and cultural factors behind the topic. 

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  • New Brindisa gazpacho recipes have arrived

    Two new delicious Brindisa gazpacho recipes have arrived just in time for the summer season. Get to know the new recipes and flavours! View Post
  • The BBC Food Programme: 'How Spain Does Beans' Podcast with Monika Linton

    Brindisa founder, Monika Linton features in BBC Radio Four Food Programme discussing 'How Spain Does Beans'. 


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  • Spanish Easter Foods

    Easter is a very special celebration where Spaniards enjoy delicious dishes, family-filled traditions and sweet treats. Our man on the ground in Spain brings us everything we need to know about Easter in Spain. View Post
  • A Guide to the Ultimate Spanish Tortilla

    In Spain, the combination of eggs and fried potatoes can move people to a passion that verges on poetic. Tortillas have their place any time of day in the Spanish kitchen. View Post