• The Great Taste Awards 2023 Results

    This years Great Taste Awards winners have just been announced and we are thrilled to see so many Brindisa products receiving 3, 2 and 1-star! View Post
  • Rice, with María José San Román

    By Jenny Linford & Monika Linton.

    Chef Maria Jose San Roman is one of the leading female chefs in Spain. 

    An expert in Alicante cuisine, Maria Jose brings both a deep knowledge and a fascination with food to her cooking. Known as the queen of saffron, for her research into this local ingredient, she is alsonoted for her way with rice, with the Michelin Guide entry for her restaurant, Monastrell, highlighting her 'excellent rice dishes'.

    We interviewed Maria Jose San Roman to learn more about this ingredient, and hear some of her techniques.

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  • Sardines - A Spanish Love Affair

    By Paul Richardson It’s the kind of travel moment you never forget. The year was 1989, and I was leaving the UK to settle in Spain. Hungry and tired after the rough ferry crossing, I drove out of Santander and stopped for a rest in the seaside town of Laredo. Behind the beach was a ‘chiringuito’ ... View Post
  • The time has come… To move with the times!

      Brindisa is now at the ripe old age of 35. We have over these three and a half decades brought from Spain to Britain foods that we really rate and enjoy - down the highways and over the waters they have come to our warehouse to share with enthusiasts across the land. We made a conscious effort ... View Post
  • A Foodie Guide to Galicia

    Galicia, nestled in Spain's northwestern corner, is a land of lush green landscapes, pristine coastlines, and delightful gastronomic culture.

    By Paul Richardson.

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  • Salt Cod 3 Ways

    Eating cod during Easter is a tradition in many countries, following the Catholic practice of abstaining from eating meat on Fridays and during Lent. These are 3 of our favourite recipes using salt cod.

    If you want to know more about Easter traditions in Spain, visit our blog.

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  • Easter with a Spanish Twist

    Easter in Spain is a time of feasting and celebration and although each region has different specialities, the following two dishes are cooked on Easter Sunday across the country.  View Post
  • A Local's Guide to Esmorzar

    The Esmorzar, a meal between breakfast and lunch, is a must if you ever find yourself in Valencia. A snack to keep you going just before noon, in a country where lunch happens somewhere between 13:30 and 15:30. A popular custom which breaks up a morning’s work to indulge in a decadent sandwich an... View Post
  • Hidden Valley by Paul Richardson

    Paul Richardson, leading food-history and travel author, launches new book, “Hidden Valley” at Tapas Brindisa. View Post
  • Borough Evening of Cheese

    Every year the cheesemongers of Borough Market gather to showcase the best cheeses Europe has to offer. A fun outdoor event, just before Christmas, where you can pick up everything you need for your festive cheese board. Brindisa's mongers taste test and select the best Spanish cheeses for visito... View Post
  • The Wonder of Jamón Ibérico

    Paul Richardson investigates the world of ibérico ham. From what to look for when you buy, to the environment and traditions that make this delicacy what it is. View Post
  • Cooking with Spanish Rice

    Rice is an ingredient the British don't set much store by. It barely figures in our national cuisine. Rice cookery is something we're happy to acknowledge that other cultures do better. In fact, we probably eat more rice in our Chinese or Indian takeaways than as part of anything prepared in our home kitchens.

    Our man on the ground in Spain, Paul Richardson, delves into the relationship Spaniards have with rice, with its different regions and opinions!

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