Cured in our Cheese Caves

Brindisa’s cheese caves provide a perfect, stable environment for curing and maturing a wide range of cheese varieties: the iconic raw cows’ milk Torralba Mahón DOP with its distinctive pimentón rubbed orange rind and its remarkable flavour profile; and Cabra del Tiétar, a semi-cured goats’ milk cheese with a beautiful blend of sweet and savoury notes. Having specially designed cheese storage facilities allows Brindisa to import more fragile, unwrapped cheeses from our suppliers and it enables the team to work with the cheeses’ natural rinds. Only when each cheese has achieved its optimum condition and flavour profile, is it made available to Brindisa’s customers. At the moment these include; Moluengo, a stunning smooth raw goats milk log,  coated in ash; Mahon, the iconic cheese of Mallorca and Payoyo.