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Here at Brindisa you’ll find a fantastic selection of Spanish cheese. Sourced from the very best suppliers, discover the authentic taste of Spain with our delicious Manchego, Valdeon Picos Blue, Tetilla and more. Great for big parties, why not shop our whole cheese wheels or, if you’re looking for a cheese board selection, shop our pre-packed wedges and soft, torta style cheeses from Extremadura.

You’ll also find a great selection of cheese biscuits and accompaniments, including traditional Tortas de Aceite and quince jam to be enjoyed with your favourite cheeses.

Guide to Spanish Cheese

The land of a thousand cheeses, Spain is known as much for nutty Manchego as it is for iberico ham. Geographical and climatic diversity makes for a fantastic range of delicious Spanish cheeses made from the milk of cows, ewes and goats. Cheese from Spain comes in a variety of different styles including rindless, smoked and flavoured and benefits from a thriving artisan and small dairy culture that retains authentic characteristics and traditional flavors.

Cow’s milk cheeses are typically found along the North coast of Spain in Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria. However, one of Spain’s best known cow’s milk cheeses, Mahon, is produced in Menorca. Sheep’s milk cheese is generally found inland on the meseta or tablelands of Castilla-Leon and La Mancha, as well as Extremadura. Spanish goat’s cheeses are largely produced along the Mediterranean coast and on the Canary Islands.

Types of Spanish Cheese

Outside of styles and variations, Spanish cheese can be divided into three main categories:

  • Queso Fresco (Fresh Cheese) - this cheese has not been aged or cured in any way
  • Queso Semi-Curado (Semi-Cured) - semi-cured cheese is typically aged for two to four months
  • Queso Curado (Cured) - cured for 4 months or longer


How to store your cheese

Find tips on how best to look after your cheese in our cheese care guide.