A spoonful of Spanish summer!


A spoonful of Spanish summer!


We are thrilled to announce two new delicious gazpacho recipes
that build on the much-loved Brindisa tomato recipe.


Introducing the recipes


 Tomato Gazpacho  




Tomato & Beetroot Gazpacho 



Tomato & Almond Gazpacho 



What is Gazpacho?

Gazpacho is an iconic Spanish recipe. Although synonymous with tomato,
it was originally made with olive oil, vinegar, salt and bread:
tomatoes were added later. Today it appeals to our modern tastes
for convenient, healthy, plant-based, versatile food.​

Why should you try Gazpacho?

Brindisa’s gazpacho recipes are a unique spin on the traditional.
Our recipes represent an authentic and convenient alternative to what is a
complex dish to make from scratch. Sun-ripened fruit and high
quality extra virgin olive oil, sherry and red wine vinegars, are key
to the distinctive character of our iconic gazpacho recipes.

How to serve Gazpacho

Gazpacho is best served as a refreshing vibrant drink or chilled soup​.
It is ideal for starters, light lunches and picnics​ in the sunshine.

Our friend and talented chef collaborator, Sophie, has put together
her favourite ways to enjoy gazpacho here.

Brindisa Gazpacho Serving Suggestions

Other delicious serving suggestions:
Fantastic for Bloody Mary cocktails and mocktails​
Serve with a swirl of extra virgin olive oil
Top with crispy croutons or aromatic mint leaves​
Garnish with finely-chopped cucumber and red pepper

Discover our new flavours​

Tomato & Almond

Brindisa Almond and Tomato Gazpacho

Almond gazpacho is one of the most ancient recipes of Spain. Our recipe twins the Moorish
and New World influences on Spain’s culinary history: with almonds from
the groves introduced by the Moors, and Tomatoes first transported by Columbus.
Our recipe has a high almond content (8%) so is very nourishing for those following a vegan
diet. It is made using sun-ripened tomatoes, aromatic almonds and garlic. ​

Serving Suggestions

Top with crispy croutons or gently toasted blanched almonds​
Garnish with fresh green grapes​

    Tomato & Beetroot

    Brindisa Beetroot and Tomato Gazpacho

    Spain innovates with exciting gazpacho recipes and we wanted to bring this concept to the UK for the first time by creating an inspiring new vegetable juice. A wonderfully earthy, sweet and gently spiced recipe made with sun-ripened tomatoes, sweet beetroot and cumin.​

    Serving Suggestions

    Top with crispy croutons or homemade garlic bread​
    Top with small cubes of goats’ cheese​