What a night!

Founder Monika Linton and Managing Director, Heath Blackford represented Brindisa at the 2021 World Cheese Awards in Oviedo this year. It was a joy to be in Spain, amongst so many friends, and be asked to help judge the incredible array of cheeses from around the world.

But also they did not come home empty-handed. Monika was recognised with the prestigious 'Contribution to Cheese' award, in respect of the tireless role she, and the team at Brindisa, have played in developing the Spanish cheese landscape. 

And our cheeses scored big in the awards themselves...

Below you can shop all of our cheeses that won awards this year and read Monika's reaction to all of the excitement!

World Cheese Award Winners

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Brindisa is the principal importer of artisanal Spanish cheese to the UK, and we have created a film to showcase our philosophy, product care and background stories ... 

Watch below.

'What an extraordinary privilege it is to have been given this award in Oviedo! As I said at the judges dinner, this Camino del Queso of the last 34 years has been the journey of my life - bringing Spanish cheese out from its hidden corners of such an incredible land, it’s a true adventure. I and my colleagues have been made so welcome in the mountains, caves, dairies and islands of Spain and we have learnt and shared so much with the incredible cheese community here.'

Founder of Brindisa
Monika Linton Founder of Brindisa

The celebrations


We celebrate with, congratulate and appreciate all the producers of the fantastic array of cheeses recognised with awards at WCA21, who are represented by Brindisa in the UK.


They are all here, and we would be delighted if you ordered supplies for your cheeseboard!

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Brindisa Stores


You can also buy any of our award-winning cheeses in our London shops!


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