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Brindisa is the British home for Spanish cheese. We live and breath Spanish cheese. Our founder Monika even received the award for 'Exceptional Contribution to Cheese' at the World Cheese Awards this year!

By joining the Brindisa Cheese Club we will send you a selection of carefully selected cheeses with a delicious accompaniment each month.

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Brindisa has been importing and working with cheese from Spain for the past 30 years. Back in 1989, Brindisa founder, Monika Linton, started to bring back Spanish cheese to the UK and her brother Mark. Monika has always been on a mission and committed to discovering and supporting the small often remote dairies wherever possible. 

The range of cheese sold at Brindisa is probably the widest range available in the UK and what is so special about the cheese that Brindisa imports, is the ability to bring cheeses to our customers that are from the furthest, most isolated villages in rural Spain. 


Rupert and his colleuges Roi look after the cheese that arrive from Spain in a specially designed cheese room at the Brindisa warehouse in London. By storing the cheese that arrives in the UK here, Rupert and his team can ensure that the quality of the cheese is always at it's best. 

"One of the things about Spanish cheese is that when you compare it to say French, Italian or even British cheese, Spanish cheese is known for its bold flavours."

Rupert Linton
Spanish cheese is known for its bold flavours Rupert Linton

You choose how often and we will bring the cheesy love straight to your front door. 

This is the ultimate way to try new and different cheeses and go on a Spanish cheese adventure!

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