Brindisa's 34th Birthday

Today, on January 28th 2022, Brindisa has been operating for 34 years. With the help of my father and brother, Mark, I brought my first pallet of Spanish produce to the UK and it all began with cheese.

| Monika Linton

A time for reflection 

It's hard to believe that we have been running the Brindisa warehouse for 34 years. It feels as though it was only yesterday the first pallet of Spanish cheese landed in the UK at Penguin Coldstores in Southampton. My brother Mark curated the cheese selection and Dad and I weighed each cheese and created our first invoice!

The 34-year journey has taught us so much. As we have grown we have deepened our focus on Spain and all it produces and provides. We are proud of the breadth and depth of what we can bring over to the UK to share with you - and long may that diversity continue and last in this new age. 

I hope your stores, larders and tables are enriched by as many of our foods as possible. Our enthusiasm for what we do has not waned over these decades. On the contrary, it has grown tenfold and drives us to keep doing more each day!

Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed eating and cooking with Brindisa products. The continued interest and love of Spanish products means that we can continue to do what we love. 

Long may we keep bringing the finest flavours of Spain to you in exciting and interesting ways.


Warmest Wishes,


Monika Linton, Founder of Brindisa 


A trip down memory lane

As Brindisa turns another older, it gives us the perfect opportunity to reflect on how far the company has come. 

Brindisa Team in the Balham Warehouse 2005

The Brindisa team in the warehouse in Balham in 2005

Brindisa team with the first Brindisa van 1998

The Brindisa team in front of one of the first Brindisa vans in 1998

Monika Linton with first pallet of Spanish cheese

Monika with the first ever pallet on Spanish cheese in 1988

Monika and family at Brindisa in Borough Market 2000

Monika and family in Borough Market in 2000


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