• Cheese Spotlight: Manchego

    The most famous of Spanish Cheese There are so many Manchego's – or cheeses calling themselves Manchego – that it is quite easy to be overwhelmed. At Brindisa, it is often called the ‘gateway to Spanish cheese’ as it is by far the most popular and well-known Spanish cheese. HOW TO SPOT A GOOD MA... View Post
  • The Great Taste Awards 2021 | Results

    This years Great Taste award winners for 2021 were announced last week and we were thrilled to see so many Brindisa products receiving 1 to 2 stars! View Post
  • Great mention for our Perello chickpeas!

     "They couldn't go back to the 45p can of Tesco chickpeas" The Scotsman talks to the people behind the new wave of Scottish delicatessens who rave over the Perello chickpeas! A lovely mention from our customers in sunny Scotland.  You can read the full article here. If you'd like to buy a jar of... View Post
  • Ortiz in the Sunday Times Magazine

    A wonderful mention for the flavour packed, delicious Ortiz anchovies in the Sunday Times Magazine.  September 5th 2021 You can read the full article here: Sunday Times  View Post
  • 5 Company Updates from Monika

    As the evenings draw in and September gently guides us into Autumn, we sat down with our founder Monika Linton, to talk about the exciting plans and the future of Brindisa. It’s been a year of hugely conflicting emotions and happenings. Exhausted. Exhilarated. Anxious. Relieved. Lonely. Excited. ... View Post
  • Paprika by Santo Domingo

    SUPPLIER STORIES PAPRIKA BY SANTO DOMINGO by Paul Richardson   Here’s your starter for ten: which is the most popular spice in Spanish cuisine?  You might say saffron, but you’d be wrong.   In reality pimentón, or paprika, a powder made from dried, smoked and ground peppers, is perhaps the quinte... View Post
  • Affineur of the Year 2022

    Our Brindisa cheese experts take on the unique opportunity to compete for the prestigious title of 'Affineur of the Year 2022'. Find out more about this brilliant competition! View Post

    In central Castile in Burgos province, lemons are big at Easter! View Post
  • Sardines - A Food Geek's Guide

    Not all sardines are the same. The time of year when are caught; the care taken in the preparation; the size of the fish and the cooking methods will all have a direct impact on the final product. View Post
  • What is Morcilla? A quick guide to Spanish cured meats

    Spain is famous for its dry cured pork products, the best known of these are serrano ham, chorizo, salchichón and lomo. Brindisa imports all of these as well as morcilla and panceta (or baicon).  View Post
  • Top Vegetarian Tapas Recipes

    Whatever your dietary requirements, tapas can be enjoyed and shared by everyone. From delicious vegan options to dairy and gluten-free, there is something for everyone to enjoy this spring. View Post
  • Top 7 Tapas Recipes

    Planning to throw a party? Try some of the fantastic tapas recipes we have put together to bring a taste of Spain to your event. View Post