Easter with a Spanish Twist

Easter in Spain is a time of feasting and celebration and although each region has different specialities, the following two dishes are cooked on Easter Sunday across the country. 

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Food and Easter go hand-in-hand, so we wanted to share some of our favourite recipes to help you celebrate the season. Eastertime in Spain usually includes fish dishes (see our fish recipes), lamb, and sweet treats.

Lamb al Cava

Roast lamb is a common Easter dish in Spain, especially in the regions of Castilla and León. The perfect centrepiece for your celebration. Slow-roasted with a blend of herbs and garlic, this traditional Spanish dish is a true delight. Our easy-to-follow recipe features our succulent milk-fed lamb leg, ensuring a tender, juicy dish.



Sweet, soft and creamy, torrijas is one of the most popular Easter desserts in Spain. Similar to French toast, it is made from slices of bread soaked in milk and eggs, then fried and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.


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