Based upon traditional recipes, our four sauces are made using the highest quality ingredients for an authentic taste.


Based upon traditional recipes, our four sauces are made using the highest quality vegetables, herbs, spices and Brindisa extra virgin olive oil for a full flavour and authentic taste. Enjoy these sauces as the base ingredient for a wide variety of dishes from stews to soups or enjoy simply as a flavoursome dip, a marinade for meat, fish and vegetables


Tomato and onion sauce

  • This sauce is a classic base for many Mediterranean dishes.
  • The rich tomato and sweet onion flavours match equally well with fish, meat or vegetables. Add herbs, chillis or capers to customise it to your tastes.

Serving suggestions: add to a seafood stew, use as the base for arroz con pollo, as a simple pasta sauce, in patatas a la importancia, homemade baked beans or tuna empanada.

Try making a classic paella using our sofrito.



Pepper and tomato sauce
  • The classic Mediterranean tomato sauce is given extra depth of flavour and body from the addition of roasted piquillo peppers.
  • The intense flavour of the sauce works particularly well with chorizo, game and red meats or in rich vegetable stews.

Serving suggestions: use as the base for a chickpea and chorizo stew, in huevos rancheros, as the filling for empanadas, in pollo al chilindrón or bean stews. Why not use our fritada in this simple cod, tomato and black olive sauce?

Spicy tomato sauce
  • A spicy, tomato based sauce, traditionally spooned over cubes of crisp, roasted potatoes to make the well known patatas bravas.
  • With a pleasant warmth from the paprika it can also be used in marinades, adding a touch of heat and acidity.

Serving suggestions: spoon over roasted vegetables, BBQ meats, grilled sausages, fried potatoes or use to add a bit of heat to homemade baked beans. Enjoy our salsa brava to make homemade patatas bravas.


Almond and red pepper sauce

  • A Catalan speciality, this is made using a combination of hazelnuts, almonds, sweet Ñora peppers and tomatoes.
  • A rich, nutty sauce with a real depth of flavour.

Serving suggestions: traditionally eaten with fish or grilled calçots, it is equally good with steamed vegetables, asparagus or roast chicken, xatonada salad (salt cod and frisee salad) or with grilled escalivada. Our romesco sauce is the perfect accompaniment to grilled calçots, when in season.

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