Sevilla is a place where you can breathe the art of enjoying life tapeando (eating tapas here and there) especially in the numerous tapas bars in the historic city centre.

However, like everywhere I go, I love the neighbourhood restaurants where you can enjoy food that is simple and unpretentious, yet excellent.

Cabo Roche restaurant situated in Nervión (very close to Sevilla FC stadium) is a perfect example. Paco Jacquot, the proprietor, sees his place as bringing the sea to Sevilla. He is proud of offering excellent seafood and fish from Cádiz and Huelva markets cooked a la plancha or in arroz caldoso.

On my last visit I enjoyed a corvina (croaker) a la plancha and a tomato salad from Los Palacios (a town south of Seville). Nice and simple.

Restaurante Cabo Roche - Sevilla

Avenida de Ramón y Cajal, 8 , Esq. Martínez Barrios Sevilla Tlf 954 655 203 email:
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