| Paula Arregui


Brindisa is now at the ripe old age of 35. We have over these three and a half decades brought from Spain to Britain foods that we really rate and enjoy - down the highways and over the waters they have come to our warehouse to share with enthusiasts across the land.

We made a conscious effort in the mid-90s to invite the keen and discerning British shopper into our world. We opened up our warehouse for weekly sales and were overwhelmed with the responses and encouragement shown to us. The warehouse team was exhilarated, if a bit shocked, but I was always determined to make sure our foods were available to everyone. These flavours didn’t need to be only the domain of the professional buyer - those at home interested in great food should participate too. Hence our strategic role in the founding of Borough Market retail food market, the setting up of a very early Brindisa mail order system and then establishing of a neighbourhood shop: this meant we could reach the cosmopolitan audience of Borough, our neighbourhood in Balham and across the country via our online shop. 

Looking now at a where we all are with the extraordinary experiences of the last few years life has changed for all of us, the world is changing and we are keen to look at our business with this in mind - a refresh or uplift, a redrafting of our role as a retailer of some excellent food from abroad!

And so we are starting with our food range and its reconfiguration: we want to perform at our best as a provider of exceptional Spanish foods. We would like these foods to be easily included in your life: ingredients that don’t confuse, producer profiles that intrigue and inform, and tips and recipes that help you use these foods with ease. 

We are aligning the ranges that we have across our shops and online so that we can reach out to you with better information, clearer taste profiles, images that link to what you can buy across the channels and ideas that are practical yet engaging.

From around June this year as you shop you will find that some lines may not be there, that some sizes have changed, or that an old favourite has gone from the selection. 

Our objective with this range review is to give us all the opportunity of singling out the established food heroes that we celebrate and to learn even more about them and share this knowledge with you really well. We intend to keep a diversified range so that we have foods that suit different occasions, that meet different budgets but that are themselves really differentiated. 

There are circumstances beyond the control of us all that mean that this makes sense on many levels as well: our producers are suffering a number of obstacles in the road; life is very tough for many, and at Brindisa our buying and shipping teams are under pressure to cope with a growing amount of red tape not to mention all the obvious cost of living challenges that we all face daily. So, this tightening up of our portfolio runs through the whole business and is timely and necessary.

From your perspective as Brindisa customers whom we value very much, our intention is to offer you a well-curated selection of Spanish food heroes, incredible ingredients and popular foods with a more focused and informative service in all our shops.

We would like your shopping with us to continue to be, or to become, happy, comfortable and wholly fulfilling.

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