Come along and celebrate Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day with Brindisa on Saturday 20th April.


Raw milk cheese is made using milk, whether from cows, sheep, or goats, that has not been pasteurised, the process of heating up milk to kill certain microorganisms. For large scale producers this is essentially to standardise the finished product, allowing them to add selected cultures to create a more uniform and consistent flavour profile. However, many small artisan producers use milk from their own herds of animals and, managed correctly, this enables them to make cheeses with greater personality.

As long as the milk and cheese production process adheres to strict controls, there is no need to resort to pasteurisation in order to be safe to eat. Whilst raw milk cheese does not always taste better, they are always more individual and, more often than not, very hard to beat.

Want to know how cheese should taste in its purest form? Come along to taste truly great Spanish raw milk cheeses at our Brindisa stores at Borough Market and Balham on Saturday 20th April 2019. We’ll be showcasing some of the very best raw milk cheeses Spain has to offer. Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day is your chance to find out what makes these cheeses truly extraordinary.

Delve deeper into the world of artisan cheese and see how Quesos Torralba, our supplier of Mahon, works its magic. Founded in 1939, this third generation company started simply to store Mahon cheese, which it sold to local businesses. Gradually the company began to add value by ripening the cheeses and now they specialise in buying young, artisan produced Mahon cheeses and ageing them to various stages of maturity.


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