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Every year the cheesemongers of Borough Market gather to showcase the best cheeses Europe has to offer. A fun outdoor event, just before Christmas, where you can pick up everything you need for your festive cheese board. Brindisa's mongers taste test and select the best Spanish cheeses for visitors to come and enjoy.

This year we will take you on a journey through the different maturations of Manchego as well as introducing you to a few of Spain's rarer cheeses. 


1605 semi- cured Manchego: 4 months matured

1605 cured Manchego: 9 months matured. Clean and fruity smell. A pleasant buttery sensation (of olive oil) and a slightly floury texture can be distinguished. Intense flavour, mild and delicate at first but highly persistent on the palate. An elegant acidity is appreciated combined with clean animal aromas and spicy notes in the aftertaste, accompanied by notes of nuts (lightly toasted hazelnuts).

Ojos del Guadiana añejo: 12 months matured. With a dark olive oil coated rind and a hard yet buttery texture. Produced in the region of La Mancha, this is a superb example of a mature, artisan produced, raw milk Manchego. The Manchega sheep which provide the milk graze outdoors in the Tablas de Daimiel National Park. Did you know? It’s one of the few Manchego cheeses that still use rope moulds to create the characteristic pattern on the rind.

Canto de Gredos: 6 months matured. Enzymatic coagulation cheese. In mouth, it has a firm and semi-hard texture, with certain elasticity. Intense, persistent, very clean flavour. Fruity and lactic at first and a very elegant acidity, all mixed with notes of malted cereals. Super Gold award winner in the WCA 2022.

Chatos Moscatel Raisins: Traditionally sun-dried moscatel grapes from Axarquía in Málaga, Southern Spain. Intensely sweet & rich in flavour, the perfect cheese accompaniment. 



15th December from 6 – 9pm

Borough Market  


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