#CookForUkraine with Brindisa

Spring is on the horizon and normally I would be bursting with food positivity and ideas on how to celebrate the unique seasonal produce which starts to appear this time of year. 
However, in these sombre times, my heart is not full of the joy of cooking, as it normally would be. It is elsewhere, full of concern for everyday people whose lives have been imperilled, in a way I cannot begin to imagine.

| Monika Linton

A few days ago, food writer Sam Sifton of the New York Times wrote 'Cook to Comfort'. It reminded me that cooking is a solace. A way to feel better, even in fearful, difficult times. And that cooking is a cultural act: a way to feel connected, to support, to acknowledge the world, and perhaps to understand it better. Which is a sentiment I have long believed to be true.
This is a time to take comfort in simple food, to nourish our souls. 

Searching for a kind and appropriate gesture, we have created a modest initiative, that whilst unlikely to have a universal impact on Ukrainians’ well-being, and the horrid position they find themselves in, will at least align our thoughts and sympathies with those that deserve them. And help, a little.

Cook For Ukraine


#CookForUkraine started off as an idea between friends with a mutual love of food and a desire to help those in need. Little did they know that a simple hashtag would lead to the beginning of a global movement. 

It aims to increase awareness of the humanitarian crisis the world faces right now, as well as raise funds needed to aid children and families in Ukraine who have been displaced by the current situation. 

Brindisa #CookForUkraine

Brindisa is donating food supplies to a number of fund-raising events hosted by chefs across the country. 

If you are shopping on our website this weekend, Brindisa will donate on your behalf to the #CookForUkraine Just Giving page. Simply click here to automatically add it to your basket or enter the code cookforukraine at checkout. We will donate 20% of each order placed online today, tomorrow and Sunday. 

The donations extend to all orders at brindisa.com this weekend for home delivery, so do please forward this page to your friends and family in case they would like to participate. You can also share via your social media channels by clicking the button below. Hopefully, we can make a modest difference with these donations. 

At Brindisa, we are all passionate lovers of food and this weekend many of our team will be joining the movement.

Please get cooking and share your pictures, recipes and cooking stories on social media by adding the #CookForUkraine hashtag. 

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