New Brindisa gazpacho recipes have arrived

Two new delicious Brindisa gazpacho recipes have arrived just in time for the summer season. Get to know the new recipes and flavours!

| Saskia Boissevain

Gazpacho season is nearly here, and we have the finest recipe for you to enjoy in the sunshine.

It is a complex dish to make from scratch; however, Brindisa gazpacho makes life easy. By having it in the fridge, you will always have a delicious lunch or the perfect picnic!

This season, not only do we have a best-selling traditional tomato gazpacho recipe, but we are also launching two new recipes.

Brief history of Gazpacho 

Although these days gazpacho seems to be universally understood as a cold soup made with tomato, it existed long before the tomato arrived in Spain. The name really refers to an idea rather than a specific recipe. Originally it was devised as a way of using up old bread by combining it with the kind of rustic essentials that most people would have at home: garlic, olive oil, vinegar and salt. If there were nuts to be had these would be ground and added, sometimes with onion and any other available vegetables.
When tomato and the pepper began to appear in the sixteenth century these made perfect additions - but not all gazpachos contain either. 

In Spain it has become the fashion for chefs to rediscover and rework old recipes for gazpacho and also to invent new ones. Often these, especially ones made with fruits, are made without bread. 


Tomato and Almond Gazpacho

Although this cold soup has a name of its own, it is really part of the gazpacho family and, in fact, predates the better-known tomato one. 

The almond and tomato gazpacho has delicious creaminess on the tongue, with a bit of texture from the almonds, and a beautiful balance of sweet nuttiness and ripe tomato acidity, brought together by the richness of Andalusian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
Creamy almonds and ripe tomatoes create a rich, yet refreshing, gazpacho.  
Brindisa Tomato and Almond Gazpacho


Tomato and Beetroot Gazpacho

The beetroot gazpacho is a beautiful deep purple; it combines a rich earthiness with sweet fruitiness and the depth of ripe tomatoes, balanced by a well-judged touch of red wine vinegar and Andalusian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It has a hint of cumin on the finish. 

Combining earthiness, sweetness and acidity, this is a beautifully balanced gazpacho. 
Brindisa Tomato and Beetroot Gazpacho

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